Being a "closet creative", moving to LA, and Morgan Freeman (for some reason) with Jessie McNamara

Wanna follow your curiosity?

At age 16, Jessie performed her first stand up comedy set and fell in love with the stage.  She moved from Nashville to Los Angeles to train at The Groundlings and went on to star in The Blow Show and Chubby Bunny at the Comedy Central Stage.  Most recently, Jessie started in the new country sketch comedy pilot, Honky Tonk Central.  Back in her beloved Nashville, Jessie stays busy writing screenplays and videos, and even stars in her very own webseries, A Roll In The Hay and Me & My Bus.

Jessie loves country music and Jack… DANIELS! She may even sing a song or two for you! She has been voted one of Nashville’s funniest women and you can find her on Nashville’s favorite bus tour, the Music City Rollin’ Jamboree!

Spent young life playing sports (4:00)
Moving to LA after quitting job (8:15)
How to spark inspiration and creativity (14:20)
What would have held her back from comedy (17:18)
Being consistent and how that is sometimes the “it factor” (20:30)

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