Success is loving yourself, loving what you do, and loving how you do it.
— Maya Angelou

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Former Semi pro athlete. Podcaster.


Athlete Educator.

HI, I'm Shannon M. Carlisle. I played ball at Howard University and then when on to become an educator in the public school system. I spent the next 7 years struggling to find personal and professional fulfillment. While I had my B.S and M.Ed degrees and a career, I noticed that the fire I once had just wasn't there anymore. I began doing some self reflection and realized that I had a narrow picture of myself because I only embraced my identity as an "athlete". This mindset played a part in every decision I made and it showed. I decided that I wanted live fully and creatively and use all the gifts and talents God had given me.  No longer would I allow myself to be boxed in by anything else. Currently, I am the host of The Path to Purpose podcast where we share stories and ideas about finding personal and professional fulfillment post sport career. I'm also an Athlete Educator for current and former athletes. I empower them to get results in every area of life. When I'm not doing that I am singing with various groups around Nashville, TN or spending time with friends and family. 


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