Being a bridge to a better future

I've really been trying to narrow down my "WHY" for starting The Path to Purpose as well as my life coaching business (still in the works). There are over arching things, almost surface level things that most everyone wants like more income, freedom, and significance. Let's throw in the feeling of doing work that is fulfilling (most of the time). 

I decided that I needed to dig deeper because there is always a bulls eye behind the bulls eye. I got that phrase from my friend Daryn, but anyway... 

I have persisted in this because I believe that every athlete deserves to opportunity create a life that they get true fulfillment from. To some you may think, "they had the chance to go to school for free" or "there are plenty of people that went to school to play a sport and now they are doctors and (insert other prestigious profession)" That is true, and I admire those, that looked beyond their time on the court and set themselves up. 

However, I believe in second chances. I believe that one conversation can change the trajectory of someones life. It shouldn't matter that they didn't plan it out right the first time around. What matters is that they SEE the possibilities for themselves and they take action on trying to realize their dreams. 

I believe some of the best connections are formed outside of networking events. I believe that allowing athletes to make mistakes and not making them feel like a failure only strengthens them. When was the last time you asked and athlete (especially one that elite) something that pertains to their non-sporting life? Out of the 20 athletes I asked, only 3 said people ask them about who they are. 

So, if they don't get to talk about it, their first exposure in "self promotion" is when they are trying to get hired or for a business relationship. 

My why is.. I want to be a person who gives a second chance or a chance at all. I want them to feel like it's not too late for them. And I want to be a person who reveals their potential to them. 

I want to be a bridge to their future.