Fully and creatively alive

I'm reading a book called Fully and Creatively Alive. A few things stick out to me as I come to the end of the book. 

  1. Tom references Seth Godin where he says Art is a personal gift that changes the RECIPIENT. 
  2. To live fully and creatively means living a life that's fulfilling, enriching, always growing, doing what you love to do (most of the time), while loving and helping other people get to a place where they, too, live a life that is fully and creatively alive. 

First, many people have the idea that art is only painting, singing, crafting, or design of some kind, but with that thinking there is a lack of true artists to grace the planet with something that changes the recipient. Based on the definition, Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient, anything that you do to the best of your ability that causes another person to change for the better is considered art. 

Second, I've had a lot of hang ups with explaining what I mean when I say I want to feel alive and be creative. The more I continue to do the things that give me joy and the more I share what I'm doing it's becoming clearer. I couldn't make a better definition than that right there. I'm writing this with a heavy heart right now, because I know that a very close friend of mine shared this dream with me. I'm praying that he pulls through, but we would talk about how we wanted to change the world and we had these huge dreams of how we wanted to help people. Both of us got off track because we were trying to be something we weren't and that's not what living fully and creatively alive means. 

To me, living fully and creatively means giving others the push they need to achieve their dreams. I hate sounding cliche, but I mean it. If I can help someone in anyway whether it's promoting their stuff, contributing my skill set, or giving them an opportunity to practice and perfect their craft I'm all about it. That give me the butterflies inside and I love seeing people have aha moments when they realized, "you know what, I do have what it takes." If I can do that and express myself creatively it makes my day. 

What does it mean to you to be fully and creatively alive?