Gavin Degraw has a beautiful voice

Gavin Degraw sang his ass off the other night! That was going to be the only thing I wrote in this post, but I got my second wind. 

Everybody always talks about athletes having transferable skills. I think that's very true, but, it's a shame when those skills either go underutilized OR they are carried out in the wrong manner. One of the reasons I stress knowing who you are and what matters to you is because if you get that part straight it's easier to shift those skills over. You already know how to set goals and hit it, why not do the same thing for your career or personal life. My friend put it really nice when he said, he always wanted to reach the pinnacle of football (which was the NFL) so he did what he had to do to try and get there. He didn't make it that far, but that skill of breaking down film, is the same skill he uses to break down a companies budget and figure out how to save them 6%. He loves leaderships, management, and working with people and because he know that about himself, he decided not to waste his time working with objects. He knew where he wanted to forward his efforts and it's paying off for him. 

It may seem like success on paper or it might seems like you are reaching the highest of highs, but if you're playing the wrong game (for you) it doesn't matter if you win.

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