I create because I HAVE to, I play sports because I WANT to.

What's going on people! Have you seen that TedX talk by Martellus Bennett, the creative visionary for The Imagination Agency? 

Oh? He plays football too, my bad. You guys know by now that I'm not a huge sports fan even though I do know he just won the Super Bowl (I was reading a book while my fiancee watched lol). Anyway... I saw it and immediately I had to stalk him online because that's what you do these days to see what people are about. Two years ago this dude created something called The Imagination Agency, which he writes and animates children's books with apps for interaction, creates animated movies and shorts, and who knows what next! How cool is that? When I saw the number of views this talk had compared to the number of view the videos of him playing sports had I was saddened. WHY THE EFF DIDN'T THIS HAVE MORE VIEWS?? He was trying to show the world that he was more than an athlete by exposing a passion that he's had since childhood. The views don't lie though, it seemed like more people were interested in seeing him do what he does on the field than talk about his love of magic and wonder. 

More often than not, what people celebrate about you, you wind up doing more of. 

There was quote in there that stuck out to me. He said "I create because I HAVE to, I play football because I WANT to. That was powerful to me because so many of us have a yearning to do something whether it's to create or to speak, build structures or invent things, but we let other people put us in boxes. Why are you doing that? You need to pick up that ball and dribble. Forget about all that schools stuff ( or art, or music, or engineering) you are an athlete so just do that. Over the past few years I've come to learn that athletics should have it's place in your life. It shouldn't be your life though. It's a portion of time that is important, but when the game is over that doesn't mean that your life has to be over too. Life is about making your mark. Leaving your legacy. Making it a better place for those behind you. I know when I die (not to be morbid), I want people to remember me as someone that inspired them to live courageously, to not only dream big but execute those dreams, and be the light that someone else needs.  

 I want people to remember me as someone that inspired them to live courageously, to not only dream big but execute those dreams, and be the light that someone else needs.  

I have never read one of his books but I will be getting one soon. I've never seen his film, but I'm gonna try and find it to watch. I hope to meet him one day, not to talk about sports (because duh It's me lol), but to sit in the studio and create with him and interact with him on a level that some people don't acknowledge is there. 

There is an athlete out there right now that desperately wants to create something or use their imagination somehow and aren't because they are trying to be what people want them to be. 

Okay, my goal is to never leave you without something to do or to think about so here it is. 

Care about what you want to create MORE than you care about what people think of you creating it. 

Does that make sense? If you feel in your soul that you HAVE to invent a device to talk to dogs DO IT! Hell, I'll buy it! I wanna know what my dog is thinking all the time lol. Create just for the sake of creating you never know what doors will open from it. For real though, don't be selfish with your gifts. 

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That Ted talk is below.