I want to make a thing, but I'm afraid

I was listening to an episode of the Robcast and Elizabeth Gilbert was a guest on the show. If you don't know her, she is the Author of Eat. Pray. Love and also one of my favorite books Big Magic. She said something that stuck out. it was this quote

You have to protect your creativity from rational thought or else you wont make anything of it.

I thought that was sooooo good because in my personal experience, I have talked myself out of doing a whole bunch of things because it seemed like it didn't "make sense". I thought about all the times I started a blog and then stopped because I was concerned about it not paying me anything so why am I spending all this time on it. I thought about the workshops that I went to and felt like I shouldn't have spent that much money for a one or two day event. I've had a lot of those moments. 

We can try to rationalize our longing to make or create something, but sometimes we do it simply because we want to. I Elizabeth's book she writes that when undertaking a creative endeavor she doesn't force her "art" to pay for her lifestyle (right away). Maybe at some point she can transition to that, but initially it's just something she wants to do. 

Why on earth would you try to write that book, start that business, paint anything, or do something humanitarian if it's not going to make you the big bucks? Because you want to. Sometimes that's enough. 

What is something that you've been wanting to do, but you are standing in the way with your "rational thinking"? Leave a comment below.