Isn't this a beautiful horse

I read blog post today about why hustling isn't the right thing all the time. It's by one of my favorite bloggers Ramit Sethi. I won't try to recreate the post because it's brilliant on it's own, but it did cause me to remember by goofy side. 

 Photo by  Kirsten Drew  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kirsten Drew on Unsplash

I was at work, already suffocating from being back lol and I decided to cheer myself up. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE corny jokes and anything related to animals. I got a text from my wife asking how it felt to be back in the saddle which led me down a rabbit hole of pictures. I landed on this one. 

This is a beautiful ass horse lol Like, I don't know if it's because of the black background or what but it's pretty. That's all I got today! After reading the post, I understand that I can't take myself too seriously. I still have to enjoy my life and indulge in my love of glamorized animals. I don't have to be reading EVERY SECOND. I am on my path to purpose, but I don't want to become another drone chasing success and lose the things that make me, me. 

How do you try to stay true to yourself while still going for greatness? Leave a comment below!