Moving in a new direction, the year of manifestation, and becoming debt free

Okay, so it's been a pretty interesting first month. The podcast is going well and I'm learning a lot to make things better. I've decided that I want to (in true Gary Vee fashion) document my journey here on the blog. This is straight free form so if you get something great, if not great too. This is for me lol. 

I'm starting a new segment called getting results where I give actionable suggestions for athletes to follow. I'm not going to be another talking head or even someone helping them build their brand. That will be a part of it, but I care about them as human beings. Also, I'll be going to the Daymond Johns Success Academy event next weekend and I plan on learning a lot. 

Last but not least, I sold a house payed off lots of debt and me and my wife are doing financial peace starting tomorrow. This building a business is cool, but I've also got to get my life and set it up in a way that either way we are straight. To be continued... 

Stay tuned for Getting Results!