My identity was tied to basketball, until I discovered my values

I created a journal a few months ago and let it go by the wayside because I wasn't having the success that I thought I was going to have. The more I've thought about it though, I see how important it is. It's not just a book that you read straight through. It's the burning questions that you are going to ask yourself one day or another. In that journal are the questions that you wish people would ask you, but they don't. When you graduate you are going to be asked to talk about yourself. You are going to have to sell yourself in many different situations and if you've never had the practice at that, it's pretty hard. 

I know you have the rehearsed answer that you tell the interviewers when they ask about your plans for after sports, but if they ask you a deeper question you might want to move on to the next talking point. I created that journal because they are the questions that I wished I had answered a long time ago. It would have been a head start. 

When I got my first internship ghostwriting for a successful entrepreneur, the first thing she asked me was what skills do you poses that will benefit my company? Shyt, I said discipline, teamwork, perseverance... you know all the things that they tell us will be beneficial later on. When she asked me what my values were though, that threw me for a loop because I had only ever considered the values I inherited from my parents and the values I inherited from teams I'd played for. 

Building a Foundation for Life After Sport isn't just another journal you write in and put away, it's a guide to knowing yourself so well, that you can sell the shyt out of yourself when it's time.