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There are all kinds of things that you can explore. Sports should serve as a gateway, not the end of the line. 

I'm tired of seeing perfectly good human beings atrophy! Perfectly good brains and skills and abilities just unexplored smh. I do this because inside every great athlete is an even greater human being. Stop limiting them and saying they are going to be the greatest <Insert terrific athlete> of all time, when they could be the greatest person of all time. The greatest THEM of all time. How many troubles of humanity could be solved if a fraction of the athletes that didn't go pro were self aware enough and had more empathy and had a vision for their lives beyond the court or field?

This one was interesting. I believe I was ear hustling (I do this often) and I overheard someone talking about a college player. They basically said that this kid could be the next Kobe. Whether that is true or not is irrelevant because the next statement was "if he makes it to the league he will be set". I thought to myself, what if he doesn't? This isn't being a Debby downer. It's being practical. You know the statistics for how many people go pro. I left shortly after that, but I hope that whoever they were talking about has other interests. I hope that he has a good group of people around him that talks to him about life after sports and how to prepare. I hope he has someone he feels comfortable enough with to express doubts and concerns. I hope that he cares enough about developing himself as a person as much as physically. 

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Shannon M. Carlisle