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Be who you were meant to be before you were told who to be

Be who you were meant to be before you were told who to be... 

What does that make you think of? For me, I think about the titles that we place upon ourselves or the ones we are given. We try to live up to those title and all our characteristics oooozzz that title. When it comes to walking in your purpose, the last thing you might have is a title. We want them though right? They make us feel good or feel important, but are we really doing what we are supposed to be doing? 

Who did you want to be? What was it that tugged at your heart or made you cheese from ear to ear that didn't involve you having a title? I strongly believe that the solution to some of life's problems are hidden inside people that think their purpose isn't important enough. Isn't news worthy... 

The sad part is, that person is missing out on a whole other level of joy, and the rest of us are missing out on that gift too. 

What gift are you suppressing because there isn't a title attached to it? Leave a comment below!