Truth and beauty

Last night I attended the Together Tour 2017 and it was incredible! The women on stage were great, the tone of the night was great and it made me think more about why I like the direction I'm headed in.

The ended piece centered around living what is true and beautiful for you. When someone is trying to think about what their purpose is, the question isn't what am I supposed to do, but what is true and beautiful for me. Then go do or be that thing.

From where I stand, I see athletes not being true and not searching what is beautiful for them. I don't know for sure, I'm sure I never will, but I believe the next organization to engage women in politics is hidden inside one of those athletes that is stuck after their career ends. They might think that they're supposed to go on to start a gym, but what's true for them is that organization, but that's not sexy or they don't think it's glamorous enough.

I don't know, but I pray that as I begin my coaching practice, I can help them unearth what is true and beautiful for them. May their life be filled with meaning, love, and service for themselves and all of humanity.

What is true and beautiful for your life? Leave a comment below!!