What do you do?

In most situations that require meeting new people (networking events, parties, work gathering) the number one question that comes up is "So, what do you do?" 

I used to be a culprit of that question just like everyone else, but I've since began asking a different question which I'll share at the end. I'm going to attempt to answer the question right here in case anyone is unsure or wants to know for other reasons. 

I am a life coach for current and former women athletes. I am in the process of becoming certified, but right now I do one-on-one or group coaching sessions where I help the person(s) reveal their values, figure out what they are good at, and align those two together to create a future that they actually look forward to living.

I've found that when these young ladies are on the cusp of being on their own, the easy thing to do is rush into a life that they've "seen". They look around at what is deemed relevant and go for that without questioning if it's going to be something that feeds their soul. We all have to make a living, but can't we also make a life while we are at it?  They have literally spent 15+ years with a singular focus and cannot peel away the label of athlete long enough to answer the question "What do you like to do?" 

I some cases they are surrounded by people and opportunities that could provide personal and professional fulfillment, but cannot articulate their vision enough to get someone to take a chance on them. So, they end up settling. 

When I work with them my focus is on clarity, purpose, and fulfillment. If they get those things from being a nurse, I'm all about speaking life into that dream. If they get those things from working in HR, I will facilitate them getting their resume in order to do the best they can in that interview. If they are creative and want to pursue the path of entrepreneurship, I will help them articulate their message so they can attract the kinds of people they want to serve. 

I don't believe anyone's gift is too small. I believe allowing these young ladies to dream about a future where they can contribute, feel valued, and make a life for themselves will have a ripple effect that I can't account for. 

So, if you ask me what I do it's simple. I inspire, empower, and encourage current and former women athletes to figure out who they are and what's important to them so they never waste time doing things that aren't going to lead to fulfillment.  

Oh! The question that I ask instead of what do you do is... "How do you spend your time?" That results in a variety of answers that may spark a new friendship! #urwelcome

What's your answer to the What do you do question?