You could be sitting next to a President

I had two very important interactions today. The first once was a conversation with a company that helps students get summer internships and the second was sitting next to the President of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. 

As we are all aware, I am in the process of becoming a life skills coach for current and former athletes and one of the tasks I'm going to be faced with is helping them expand their professional horizon. Talking with S**** ( I'm not sure if I can say his name) I realized that one of the biggest obstacles that athletes face when it comes to internships is NOT ASKING. There were plenty of opportunities to work around schedules or be close enough to a facility to still get your off season training in, but do they ask about it...? 

The second interaction with Veronica was pretty dope lol. I was sitting there and she politely helped me through the presentation when I had trouble understanding. She listened to what I was telling her about my desire to work with athletes and helping them develop life skills. She had to leave before it was over and she reached over and took my paper and wrote her name down and said "Do you have FB?" I say yes. "Make sure you look me up because I'm the president of 100 Black Women, and I sit on the board of several organizations in the city" I may be able to help you. I said thank you and as she got up she said "you never know who you are sitting next to" 

That couldn't be more true. This story is to be continued... 

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