What's going on! I carved out this little piece of the internet for you. 

Maybe you are an athlete that recently graduated and now life is starting to happen to you? You might be an athlete that didn't really think your "back up plan" through and now you live for Friday. Perhaps everything is cool, but you recently started wondering what is my purpose and how can I achieve professional AND personal fulfillment? I'm not sure where you fall on that scale, but I hope that through the podcast and blog I am able to empower you to live fully, creatively, and on your own terms! Peace and blessings -Shannon-

I'm always looking for guests that are current or former athletes that have a message and story they just HAVE to share. How are you walking your path to purpose? Not an athlete, but you have an inspiring, empowering, and creative story? Let's chat, and I'll see if you're right for the show. 

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