How to save time and money when building your personal brand

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*Full transparency* This is one of the toughest areas for me. It is for a lot of people actually. Let me give you some context. I never went pro. I played D1 ball, but I have no name recognition outside of the Howard University sphere of influence. That is also 98% of amateur athletes.

So when you are trying to build your personal brand it's tempting to try and fake it til you make it. That actually used to be what the old head told you. This isn't to be confused with a phrase like "dress for the job you want" because there is some truth to that, but for real for real faking it and being something you're not will cost you.  

In this episode you will learn:

  1. What message consistency is
  2. About a great resource book called Athletes Are Brands Too 
  3. How to develop your THESIS 

There are people way more qualified than I to talk about this and I encourage you to reach out for their material, however what I've noticed when it comes to other athletes helping other athletes, is a lot of hype. I don't know about you, but when someone that played professionally is giving advice about branding it's difficult for me to relate to them. I'm passing along what I've learned so far about saving time, money, and sanity when building a personal brand. 

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