How to set intentions for the new year without vision boarding, being super specific, or over-complicating life.

The year is winding down and you might be in that mode of thinking about how you're going to do things differently next year. This special episode (and social experiment) is a sneak peek at how I do it and how I don't bum myself out in the process. It's easy to have a great attitude in the beginning, but then taper off once you get bored or overwhelmed with the process. I gave up on complicated productivity "systems" and opted for a much more interesting and holistic approach that works for me. If you wanna try it out too, go for it! In the comment section share what was most valuable for you from this episode, I'd love to hear your perspective. Happy EVERYTHING to you and yours! 



I love reflecting over the year and setting intentions for the new one and I've become fascinated with how other people do this. What are some ways that you get ready for the new year? Leave a comment below!