Stardust, Prisons, and Being Loved with Melissa Greene

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Melissa Greene is a speaker, singer, curator, pastor and writer. The first ten years of her professional ministry were spent traveling as an artist; seven of those years she sang as part of the contemporary Christian music group, Avalon (American Music Award Inspirational Artist of the Year in 2003, Grammy Nominated in 2005, and Dove Award Winning.) In 2009 Melissa resigned from touring and was immediately hired at GRACEPOINTE Church, a progressive Christian community in Franklin, TN. Melissa worked as Associate Pastor for 8 years at GRACEPOINTE curating the services, leading the music and arts program, nurturing the community and preaching once a month.

Until recently, Melissa served as the Hope Curator for Timothy’s Gift (a prison outreach). She produced Concert Tours with other artists designed to entertain and uplift those in maximum security prisons. She is an intentional creator fueled by her love of the beauty, truth and goodness in this world, her belief of the inherent worth of all who inhabit it. Currently Melissa has embarked upon an exciting, new venture called Imaginarium.

IMAGINARIUM is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to bring together individuals, families, communities and businesses in order to collectively imagine a better world and intentionally make it so. It is the hope of this organization that together we can work to create a culture that recognizes the inherent value of each and every human. This is accomplished through programs and services that encourage personal well-being and transformation, engaging in social action to bring about a more just and peaceful world for all, and offering a sense of community knowing that we need one another to change the world. IMAGINARIUM gathers in large capacity bi-monthly and additionally, offers activities, services, and programs throughout each month. It is a non-political and non-sectarian organization open to all people regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political preference.


You would think that  pastoring and an athlete have nothing in common, but transition is transition and Melissa has navigated in a way that is admirable. Here are some key moments.


  • Melissa Greene the singer (2:20)

  • Remembering who you are (4:00)

  • Being uncomfortable does not mean it’s time to move on (7:05)

  • How do you know when you’re onto something special (11:00)

  • Everyone isn’t a leader, but someone has to step up (17:11)

  • Bring your full self to the table (20:40)

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