Never underestimate the serendipity of life. Convo with TJ Wright

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Key points from the show

There is no restart button in life

Football was second to music

People tend to go back to their roots

Going back to school for skill development

Never underestimate the serendipity of life

Let a closed door open another one

Being apart of something bigger than yourself

Playing different roles as a budding entrepreneur

Thomas’s first invention started with a personal problem

Listening to the market, being perceptive, and having the faith to step out

Football was a part of his lifestyle, it wasn’t his life

All his coaches knew he had other aspirations outside of football

Wise words from Deion Sanders

As a pro it’s important to have your own identity

Finding out who you are, but still being a part of a team

Hanging around people that aren’t athletes

Never hide behind your jersey

Don’t be a robot

Your best is enough

Other people will have negativity for you, no need to have it for yourself

Superstars have their own stories too

It’s amazing to have something go from a thought to reality

Take care of the little things

Pay attention to detail

Thomas plays EXCELLENT defense on the court

If anybody knows Rhianna hook a brothah up lol


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