How do I set myself apart from the competition if I'm not unique?

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There is a lot of language that I don't understand. I like to consider myself a fairly smart woman, but some things are just dumb complicated for no reason. I've learned that sometimes that's by design. 

I call these "gatekeepers". These are people or entities that use complex jargon (see what I did there lol) or a lot of pages so that you either won't read it or won't understand it. I'm going to break down what a Unique Selling Proposition is because let me tell you... if you don't really nail this down the rest of what ever you do is gonna be near impossible. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. What a USP is
  2. Why you don't have to be revolutionary to stand out 
  3. A strategy to figure out how you're different. 

I've created a short video (click the episode resource button above to get that) walking you through how I figured out mine and how freeing it was. 

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