Networking, empowering women, and hiring people better than you with Sporty Esquire Cecelia Townes

Cecelia Townes, the Sporty Esquire, is former student-athlete turned attorney, writer and entrepreneur.  She dedicates her time, talents and skills to improving on the experiences of student-athletes and to changing the public perception of athletes, especially that of female athletes and women in sports.  To learn more about Cecelia and her endeavors in sports, click here.

Wanna follow your curiosity? These are the notes from the show! Enjoy!

  • What is Cecelia’s purpose?
  • How did you go from athlete to lawyer to entrepreneur?
  • The role of coaches and administrators to make athletes think differently
  • Beyond the game and Gladiathers
  • Part of discovering your purpose is looking inward
  • Athletes in networking situations
  • Don’t go down the social media rabbit hole

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