Self-taught engineer and hilarious human Saron Yitbarek

This is the bio from Saron’s personal site. I thought about changing it, but this woman has so much flavah, I couldn’t not let her shine. If you get a chance, also check out the cartoon that is at the bottom of her about page. You can thank me later.


I'm Saron. I'm a developer and founder of CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. Most recently, I worked at Microsoft managing a new tech training program called Tech Jobs Academy.

You can learn more about my origin story in this cartoon I drew to get into the Flatiron School. It's also at the bottom of this page. If we do happen to meet in real life, I should warn you that my face isn't quite as perfect a triangle as depicted below.

You can catch me interviewing incredible people in tech on the CodeNewbie Podcast (new episodes every Monday. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app). I'm a frequent speaker, and if you wanna talk code, story-telling, or community-building, please feel free to holler.

I also send out a personal newsletter with updates on projects, mostly speaking and CodeNewbie related. You can subscribe here. Till then, happy coding y'all.


In addition to her being hilarious she shares some valuable nuggets about building a community, why having confidence isn’t that important, and not being blinded by the shiny persona of a person. Here is what we talked about.


  • Using her “you talk too much skills” for good (3:01)
  • Things that seem random often preparing you (6:04)
  • At first she didn’t think she could be a coder(10:11)
  • Entrepreneurial high and low (14:04)
  • Building a sustainable community (22:01)
  • The time Saron met someone stupid (30:30)


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